Beth Foulk

Beth Foulk

I’ve been passionate about family history research for about 10 years.  With growing interest and the explosion of technology, it’s evident that I’m among many who share the same passion.  I’m sure that the reasons for doing genealogy are as varied as the family trees themselves.

For me, my interest started with trying to understand better “Who am I?” “What forces shaped my family?” What forces brought me to have this life, in this place, with these people?”  All big questions, which will take a lifetime to answer.  Isn’t that just wonderful?

Genealogy is a tool for a lifetime of discovery and learning – about yourself, your world.

With each date, name, story, and picture uncovered, my story became clearer and at the same time more questions emerged.  My passion to learn more grew ever stronger; my interest in the broader history and social context of my family’s history grew ever deeper.

Which in the blink of a historic eye brings us to today.

  • Cemetaries trodded
  • Libraries scoured
  • Archives visited
  • Family members interviewed
  • Websites clicked and browsed
  • And many distances literal and figurative traveled all in the pursuit of greater understanding.

Now, I turn to sharing not only my family story, but the tools, techniques, and mastered talents I’ve gathered in my researching escapades.

Whether your family is rogues or royalty, peasants or princes, I invite you to come along.  We’ll learn together.  Grow together.


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