The AhHa for Genealogists Blog is moving!

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Moving Day! AhHa for Genealogists Blog is Moving

Moving Day! AhHa for Genealogists Blog is Moving

Moving Day!

The “AhHa for Genealogists!” Blog is moving to a new home.  I’ve relocated it on my new website – Genealogy Decoded –

The new “Ah Ha Moments for Genealogists” blog is now here .  It’s packed with all of the post archives including the tips, resources and stories you’ve enjoyed in the past.   And you can look forward to even more good genealogy stuff in the future.  I’ve still been researching while the site has been under construction, and I have a TON of great stuff to share with you.

IMPORTANT!  This is important, if you’ve been subscribing to the email feed for this blog, you need to resubscribe on the new site, just like you did with this one to keep getting the blog posts.  However! At the new place you can follow through social media, too.  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn will all be joining us in the new digs.

While you’re on the website, look around.  I’ve got great tools on my Resources Page that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.  There are cheat sheets, worksheets, maps, charts, and bibliographies from my classes.  And check back often, I’ll be adding good things to the list as they get unpacked.

But wait!  There’s more.  On the home page, you can find an up-to-date live calendar of all of my upcoming speaking engagements.  If you’ve been to one of my classes, do come back!  If you’ve never attended before, I’d invite you to come on out.  We have a great time, and most events are free.

So follow me to the new website –  There you can check out my class schedule, follow the blog with email, Twitter or Facebook, get genealogy tools you won’t find anywhere else, and enjoy a lot of great genealogy fun!

And if you have just a moment, let me know what you think of the new site.  I’d love to hear your feedback.

See you at the new place & happy researching.


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