Who Else Wants To Better Analyze an Ancestor’s Life And Solve Problems?!

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Genealogy Timeline - Civil War Soldier

Genealogy Timeline - Civil War Soldier

Family Group Sheets, Pedigree Charts, and Individual Summaries all have their place as indespensible tools to do genealogy.  But what I’ve found – that is rarely discusses – is that timelines are extremely helpful in solving problems and better understanding your ancestor’s life.

What Would You Gain from Creating a Timeline?

Genealogy timelines help put an ancestor’s life events in sequence and in context.  Here are a few things you can learn when you step back and look at a ancestor’s life in a timeline.

  • How old was the person when major events in their life and / or history happened?  Was this person alive or of age when war broke out?  My ancestor, George Watson, was 19 when the Civil War commenced.  He was ripe and ready to fight.
  • How close in succession did events happen that may have shaped their lives and actions.  I know my Dad lost is mother, brother, and father with six months.  Do you think that may have had an influence on his life? Continue Reading Who Else Wants To Better Analyze an Ancestor’s Life And Solve Problems?!…

National Archives Military Guides

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NARA Military Guides for Genealogy Research

NARA Military Guides for Genealogy Research

Have you ever tried to navigate the National Archives and felt just a little overwhelmed?  Me, too.  Yes, the National Archives is a wonderful national treasure, and the documents there are without compare.  However, simply because there are SO many records, it can be a challenge for the uninitiated to find their way around.

The good news is that there are lots of finding aids and guides published by the National Archives, just waiting for us to pick them up and make good use of them.  You say you’ve tried this with no luck?  Okay, I have a tool just for you. Continue Reading National Archives Military Guides…

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